Tracey Vasil Biscontini

President & CEO

Tracey Vasil Biscontini begins her work day long before the sun rises and the birds begin to sing. “I’m incredibly type A,” she confesses. “Our clients trust us to do the very best job that we can, so it’s important to me that we do just that. I like to make every minute of my day count.” Under Tracey’s direction, Northeast Editing, Inc. has grown from a one-woman enterprise to a company with a staff of professional writers and editors who work for the largest educational publishers and testing companies in the United States.

Tracey has worked in publishing for more than twenty years. Her experience includes employment as a project manager and copy editor. She has worked as a newspaper columnist and a college instructor. She has written many test-preparation books for publishers. She founded Northeast Editing, Inc. in 1992, but the company did not find its niche in content development and assessment until a decade later. “We get most of our new business through referrals,” she explains. “My staff and I are very proud of the company’s outstanding reputation.”

“Northeast Editing, Inc. is important to me for many reasons. I like to come to work each day. The people who work here are incredibly talented and nice. There is no other company like this in Pennsylvania. Because of this, we take in interns even when we are very busy. We make time to teach them about professional writing and editing. Publishing is a great field, but it’s extremely difficult to break into. A college degree alone is not enough—you need experience. We try to help young people get entry-level employment, either here or elsewhere. We also want to create jobs in our area for writers. We hire locally and promote from within whenever we can.”

When she is not working, Tracey is often with her family, which includes her husband, Nick, and her grown children, Tyler and Morgan. She is also involved in rescuing and fostering stray and feral community cats. Several former strays call the Northeast Editing building home, and she and her staff enjoy socializing kittens for adoption. She spends her spare time reading, writing, shopping, and decorating her home.

Tracey holds bachelors’ degrees in secondary education and mass communications from King’s College and a master’s degree in English from the University of Scranton. In 2009, she was named one of the Top 25 Women in Business in Northeastern Pennsylvania by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

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