Mark Dziak

Content Developer/Assessment Writer

Mark Dziak (that’s pronounced zee-yak) began working at Northeast Editing in 2004, shortly after he graduated from King’s College with a bachelor’s degree in English. Although he began as a part-time editorial assistant, he soon found a full-time place in the growing editorial company. Since that time, Mark has worked with Northeast in several capacities and is currently a content developer and assessment writer.

Mark has been involved in many steps of the company’s development and many of its diverse projects. He has written and edited test-preparation materials and educational reference works for companies including McGraw-Hill, Discovery Education, Gale, Pearson, and EBSCO. His secondary teaching credentials, which he earned in 2011, come in handy for helping students comprehend difficult concepts. Mark is often called upon to use his interest in history for various projects, such as in co-writing My Max Score: AP European History (2011).

Mark is a writer after work, too. Seemingly since birth he has been starting and restarting his Great American Novel, which is still in progress. In 2008 he published a nonfiction account of the Revolutionary War, The Battle of Wyoming: For Liberty and Life. In 2013 he tried his hand at scripting (and co-producing) a short comedy film. He also frequently contributes to various publications. “For me, the secret to being productive is just doggedly sticking to a task,” explained Mark.

Not entirely bookish, Mark enjoys a good adventure. Over years of exploration, he identified three previously unknown archaeological sites. He also takes great pleasure in learning the basics of a wide variety of topics, from social psychology to metal casting to hang-gliding to martial arts. A friend once commented, “It’s always fun going to Mark’s house because you never know what he’ll have on the table.”

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