Joanne Quaglia

Senior Copy Editor/Senior Project Manager

Joanne Quaglia is a senior copy editor/senior project manager at Northeast Editing, Inc. She is the primary editor on a series of middle through high school books produced by Greenhaven Press that Northeast Editing creates, copyedits, proofs, and indexes. The series offers opposing points of view on controversial social, political, and economic issues and uses published sources presented in a pro/con format. Joanne copyedits and proofreads dozens of books in the series each year, with topics ranging from free trade and dictatorships to professional athletes and parenting.

“What I like most about my job is that I get to read about a different subject each week,” Joanne explained. “The books in the Opposing Viewpoints series cover a wide array of topics and present points of view from each side. It opens my mind to thinking about subjects from a different perspective than I might have before.”

Joanne is a magna cum laude graduate of Wilkes University with a major in communications and a minor in marketing. She has more than 15 years’ experience writing public relations and marketing materials. She has a keen eye for detail and proofreading, and the writing-intensive positions held throughout her career have allowed her to hone her command of grammar and the English language.

Before coming to Northeast Editing, Joanne took a break from the professional world of writing and editing to pursue other interests. She soon found her inner grammar geek missing the fulfillment of finding and fixing a split infinitive, correcting a misplaced modifier, and adding a comma and a coordinating conjunction to eliminate a comma splice. A chance encounter with a classified ad led her to Northeast Editing, where she found the perfect job as a copy editor, working with a fantastic group of professionals. “I have never worked with a more hardworking or dedicated group of individuals than at Northeast Editing,” said Joanne.

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