Eric Bullard

Content Developer/Editor

Eric Bullard became a part of the Northeast Editing team in late 2015 after spending a lengthy career as an independent contractor. Among his many projects as a freelancer, he worked on nearly every title in Gale/ Cengage Learning’s Literature Criticism Series. In this capacity, he served as the primary researcher and writer for Gale’s Children’s Literature Review for about ten years, gaining extensive knowledge about such literary treasures as Anne of Green Gables, Gulliver’s Travels, and Pippi Longstocking along the way. In his spare time, he also served as the editor and a contributor on a published book about Our Lady of Fatima.

Eric earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Michigan. While trying to decide the best way to use his degree, he worked as a paid staffer on a Congressional political campaign and pursued a postgraduate degree in Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. An unexpected opportunity switched Eric to writing and editing full-time, and he has never looked back.
He is extremely grateful for the opportunities and welcoming atmosphere that Northeast Editing has presented him. He feels lucky to have landed amongst a like-minded community of writers who share his passion for creating useful educational content that has the potential to transform people’s thinking.

On a personal level, Eric is in year twelve of writing his slow-developing magnum opus, although he maintains hope it will be finished before he turns eighty-five. His passions include gardening, Asian art, and reading. He is also the proud poppa to a sweet stray dog now named Samson who wandered into his life one night and completely changed his world for the better.

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