Northeast Editing, Inc.’s writers and editors have many years’ experience writing test items for formative and summative assessments for K-12 students and beyond. Our work for educational publishers and testing companies helps educators assess whether their students are learning. We are skilled at creating test items aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and individual state standards.

Reading Passages

As professional writers, we routinely write high-quality literary and informational passages. Our writers ensure that their passages are rigorous and at the required reading level.

Literary Passages

We write literary passages in the following subgenres:

  • Realistic fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Science fiction
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Myths and fables
  • Folktales
  • Adventure stories

Informational Passages

We create informational passages that explain, convey experiences, and persuade in the following subcategories:

  • Biographies
  • Autobiographies
  • Workplace documents
  • Personal essays and memoirs
  • Explanatory articles about history, science, social studies, and the arts
  • Opinion pieces

Test Items  

We are skilled at writing test items that are valid and promote critical thinking. Our item stems are positively worded and concise and assess the required learning outcome. Our answer options are parallel in form and similar in length. We routinely enter items into our clients’ content management systems (CMS).

We have many years’ experience creating the following types of items:

  • Multiple-choice (MC)
  • Multiple-response (MR)
  • Constructed-response (CR)
  • Extended-response (ER)
  • Technology-enhanced (TE)
  • Performance tasks

Assessment Clients

Our assessment clients include the American Institutes for Research (AIR), Edgenuity/Compass Learning, Questar, Inc., NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association), Rally! Education, Pearson, and Curriculum Associates. We also completed many assessment projects for CTB/McGraw-Hill before its acquisition.