Company History

Northeast Editing, Inc. began in 1992 when Tracey Vasil Biscontini left her day job at an educational publishing company to spend more time with her young children. Her skills were sorely missed, so Tracey’s former employer asked her to work at home on a freelance basis. Word of Tracey’s availability spread and she soon acquired other clients as well. Northeast Editing, Inc. was born.

Within a few years, Tracey had a team of freelance writers and editors assisting her. When her home “office” (a tiny spare bedroom) overflowed into a nearby hallway, and the family’s dining room became her conference room, Tracey decided to rent some office space and hire a few full-time employees. The company’s new home was a three-room “suite” on the fifth floor of a building on Main Street in Pittston, Pennsylvania. With a small onsite staff, Northeast Editing, Inc. began to grow and flourish. (The building’s elevator, however, did not. Tracey and team developed strong leg muscles climbing five flights of stairs carrying briefcases, books, and other supplies.)

Northeast Editing, Inc.’s next move was into a Victorian home on historic William Street in Pittston. While this “office” provided more space, it lacked parking and insulation—the house’s enormous windows felt as if they were open in the winter. (Those working on the first floor wore gloves with the finger tips cut off to make it easier to type.) It was at this location that the group welcomed Prince, the company’s mascot and beloved office cat, a stray who impulsively jumped into Tracey’s arms after dashing across busy William Street.


In 2006, Tracey and husband Nick purchased a beautiful one-story home near Pittston that once served as a rectory. The spacious building boasted everything the company’s editors needed—a large parking lot, a backyard for breaks, a sunroom that could be used as a conference room, and many rooms that could be easily converted into offices.

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After moving into their new home away from home, Tracey and her staff hired additional full-time ELA/reading writers, copy editors, math item writers, and a graphic designer. The company earned a stellar reputation and began landing contracts from some of the largest educational publishers and testing companies in the country, including Cengage Learning, Pearson, CTB/McGraw-Hill, and the American Institutes for Research (AIR). In 2009, Tracey was named one of the Top 25 Women in Business in Northeastern Pennsylvania by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

In 2011, Northeast Editing, Inc. received the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility.